Shanker Venkatasubramanian

Integrating over 20 years of global consulting, academic experience in psychological research, and teaching mindfulness, Shanker applies mindfulness and non-violent communication processes to leadership development and building resilience.

Shanker is a certified coach with Mind Gym and a Practicing Coach in Training with the International Coach Federation.  He is a Practicing MBSR teacher and has taught Mindfulness and Non-Violent Communication practices to Prison Inmates and Prison Officers at Kenyan Prison Services.

As a Senior Consultant with Potential Project ( , a global leadership development firm, he has facilitated their Organisational Solutions offerings by applying mental strategies to enhancing performance and resilience at work, and as the co-creator of Whispering Minds, has facilitated leadership development and building resilience workshops in India and UK across manufacturing, consulting and charity sectors.

His 10+ years meditation, Kriya Yoga and Reiki practices integrates his contemplative training in the wisdom traditions with practical methods to live a more kind and purposeful life.