impact of the course


"It actually made me realize that we usually don’t put much concentration to the little things we do (as in mindfully), but now I have learnt to appreciate even the very little things I do or engage in mindfully and especially helping my body heal itself."

"The mindful eating was really powerful and I found myself practicing the technique much more often, with positive effects on my everyday life – I now look forward to meals differently and tend to enjoy them more.  The session on values resonated a lot with me and I’ve been thinking a lot about how my principles shape the way I behave and my aspirations."

"I was able to make use of skills learned through the exercises and experiences shared and they were overall relaxing in mind, body and spirit"

"The practical sessions were so emotive and drew my attention to for the first time listen to sensations from various body parts and learnt that there is always some internal communication taking place among different organs and sensory parts with the mind which I have not been sensitive to and hence they went unnoticed.

I was also particularly fascinated to notice how the sensations of smell, touch, communicate with the mind and have a lot in determining what movements or action the body takes or the behavior that is outwardly manifested.  In particular, the breathing into the body during various discomforts was so relieving, comforting and relaxing".